Installing, changing your heating solution is always a tricky thing to do…..

Which stove?

Where should it go?

What the best fuel?

How many kilowatts should we have?

Who should fit the stove?

When’s the best time to have a stove fitted?

…….the questions are endless!

We all know what we don’t want; some of us know what we do want, but like all things, it helps to have some questions answered and to do some research. It also helps to contact an experienced, professional…someone who has fitted hundreds of stoves and naturally fired appliances.

Heating Naturally is always on hand to help out with advice and guidance and is not affiliated to, or benefiting from, any partnership or loyalty. We just like good, safe and reliable products and want to share!

We also want to share our wealth of experience, so for starters, have a look at our ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ (FAQ) page and our ‘Top Tips’.

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