We recommend that your heating appliance, wood burning or multi-fuel stove, boiler or fire undergoes a standard annual service.

A basic service includes stripping, inspecting and cleaning the appliance. Remember, there may be conditions connected to your appliance which require it to be regularly serviced in case you need to make a valid claim.

We will come out and inspect your entire system, which includes the appliance and the venting to the outside air. This is a diagnostic, tear-down cleaning that involves removing most or all of the vital components of the stove and then putting the stove parts all back together again. The venting for the appliance will also be cleaned and inspected. When we are finished, we will start the stove and make sure that we check our work and verify that the appliance is working correctly.

During this visit, if you have any questions regarding the appliance, how to use and care for it or want to become more knowledgeable about the fuel you use whether that be gas, pellets, wood or coal, just ask. Our technicians are trained to assist and educate every customer on good, better and best practices to make sure you to get the most out of your heating source.

In the meantime, we thoroughly advise that you clean and inspect your appliance regularly, especially in periods of heavy use. Please refer to your instruction manual for further information.